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We Provide Value

Drumm Media LLC is guided by one principle; Provide massive value to every client. Whether for an influencing project or a complete marketing package, we aim to make sure the value for to client is gargantuan.

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"Helping Brands Achieve Long-Lasting Marketing Success"

Agency-level marketing and creative services for small business budgets. We’re a focused yet nimble group of creators and marketers with the tools to help your company create long-lasting online success.

About William and Drumm Media LLC

Our CEO and Founder William Drumm has spent the last decade exploring and filming our world and telling stories.

William, who also goes by Bill, now leads a small team of graphic designers, web developers, social media managers, and content creators to achieve the quality of a large advertising agency. With low overhead, Drumm Media LLC offers these services at a price point that works for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to marketing services, Drumm Media partners with like-minded brands, creating content and social media influencing

William is also known for his underwater and adventure photography and video. He has an audience of over 120K on Instagram, where he regularly posts his personal work. His cinematography and photography clients have included Citizen Watches, Carhartt, TDI/SDI, BARE Sports, Atomic Aquatics, Discovery Channel, PBS, GoPro, BBC, PADI, NatGeo TV, Sheraton Hotels, and many more.

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Our Ethos

We run our agency with two principles in mind;

 1.  Content marketing drives long-term brand success.

2.  Nothing can be optimized without data.

We have spent over ten years on the ground marketing for businesses and brands of all sizes. Our clients span industries from outdoors and adventure, to travel and tourism, agriculture, not-for-profit, construction, professional services and more. We use our deep understanding of online marketing to add value everywhere we can.


Meet the Team

William Drumm

William Drumm


William’s leadership and 15+ years of experience with top brands are instrumental to our success. His innovative take on marketing delivers results for clients.

Michael DK

Michael DK

Lead Graphic Designer

Michael has a unique understanding of visual science that sets him apart. His exceptional designs elevate our content and our clients’ branding to new heights.

Nadine Bauer

Nadine Bauer

Social Media Manager

Nadine is a visionary marketing expert with a knack for spotting emerging trends. She has a gift for creating captivating moods that engage and inspire.

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