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Our guiding principle at Drumm Media is to provide massive value to every client. We achieve this by creating authentic marketing content and campaigns that empower businesses to connect with their audience.

At Drumm Media, we offer a cutting-edge work environment that’s anything but boring. We encourage our team to think like owners and take risks like entrepreneurs. We believe in empowering our employees with plenty of opportunities to grow and thrive.


Meet the Team

William Drumm

William Drumm


William’s leadership and 15+ years of experience with top brands are instrumental to our success. His innovative take on marketing delivers results for clients.

Michael DK

Michael DK

Lead Graphic Designer

Michael has a unique understanding of visual science that sets him apart. His exceptional designs elevate our content and our clients’ branding to new heights.

Nadine Bauer

Nadine Bauer

Social Media Manager

Nadine is a visionary marketing expert with a knack for spotting emerging trends. She has a gift for creating captivating moods that engage and inspire.

Our Ethos

Our creative philosophy is built on two core principles:

1. Sustainable brand success is driven by content.

2. Data is essential for optimization.

With over a decade of experience marketing for businesses and brands across diverse industries, we bring a deep understanding of content and online marketing to every project. We strive to add value wherever possible and create lasting partnerships with our clients. If you share our passion for impactful marketing and want to be part of a dynamic team, please apply below or reach out with your resume.